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Lustfully Foolish
Lustfully Foolish
Sometimes, I wish I had never asked your name. But then my life wouldn't been as rich as it is.

The soul of my Youth asked me once:
“Don’t you regret me? Don’t you got the impression of growing up too fast?
What happened to the games you used to play?
The shimmering light you tried to catch?
Your shadow following you?
What happened to your heart?
Huge as the blooming roses, he now has lost his color. He’s pale, fading away. He’s without his favorite petals.
What happened to your smile?
Why are you faking it?
He used to be frank once.
He used to be there all the time! You used to smile at strangers, illumining their sad and poor days. You used to smile at your friends when they gave you a hand, to go play outside, or just to talk with you.
Where is your innocence?
Did someone take it from you? They didn’t offer you anything in return? They should have though, it’s a big loss. Why are you so nervous when I’m talking about that? Does it hurt you?
Where is your imagination?
When everything looked beautiful, graceful and peaceful? When you heard the birds singing at your window pane. When you knew how to hope.

What happened to your face? Why this sad look? What went wrong? “

And to those questions I often wondered about, I replied:

“Life went through, that’s all.”
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